Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE)

Center for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) is an organization that has been working in the field of pharmaceutical and medical education since 1991. The Center is part of the Manchester Pharmacy School, in the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. The main activity of the company is advanced training courses for pharmacists and nurses. They also hold thematic seminars, trainings and business programs for pharmacy managers, representatives of pharmaceutical organizations and medical personnel.

They constantly update their programs, making them the most useful and interesting for the audience. The teachers always focus on the modern needs of the pharmaceutical and medical markets and take into account the feedback of students in their work.

The main tasks of the Center

The purpose of CPPE is the implementation of continuing education programs and meeting the requirements of a quality management system aimed at obtaining or improving the specialist competencies necessary for professional activities.

As part of the goal, the Center solves the following tasks:

  • training a highly qualified specialist who owns an extensive amount of theoretical knowledge; able to successfully solve professional problems; able to
  • conduct a differential diagnostic search; provide full medical care; to carry out all necessary measures to preserve the patient’s life and health;
  • meeting the needs of specialists with higher and secondary medical education in obtaining new knowledge about achievements in the relevant branches of science, technology, culture, advanced domestic and foreign experience;
  • carrying out advanced training and retraining of specialists with higher and secondary medical education, the released workers, the unemployed population and unemployed citizens, preparing them to perform new labor functions;
  • consulting activity.
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The main forms of training for students are full-time, part-time and distance learning.


The main services of CPPE are listed below:

  • Thematic improvement of medical staff: they organize a part-time cycle of postgraduate thematic improvement for specialists with a medical and pharmaceutical profile;
  • Continuing education for pharmacists: they organize postgraduate advanced training courses for specialists with secondary vocational education in the “Pharmacy” specialty.

What is included in the training program?

  • video lectures;
  • regulatory framework and materials for self-study;
  • final tests.

You can take training on your own and communicate with teachers online.

CPPE saves your time and money, and you get a quality education and a certificate!

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