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Tips for Erectile Dysfunction Prevention

The thing about erectile dysfunction is that it can be caused by a number of factors. Therefore, prevention can become a difficult task but not impossible. If you want to prevent ED you will first have to understand the causes. Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Their Types As there are many causes of ED, they can be classified broadly into two categories. They are given below. Physical Factors: The most common causes of ED are generally physical in nature. Some of the common physical causes include diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and heart conditions; Psychological Factors: Sometimes, the state of […]

Why You Should Consult a Physician Before Taking Viagra

Whether you decide to take Viagra or not, consultation with the physician is a must. This is an efficient erectile dysfunction treatment that men are free to take any time they want to have sex. It is safe and is an FDA-approved drug that you can purchase from any reliable pharmacy store. Viagra (sildenafil) is a commonly recommended ED drug that can bring patients both psychological and medical benefits. It helps to take away the performance anxiety that a person suffering from erectile dysfunction can feel, thus helping to improve one’s self-confidence. A person can use these pills anytime to enjoy […]

How to Cope With Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction may be a physical problem but it is also capable of having a psychological and emotional impact. Men suffering from this medical condition are prone to feeling frustrated, sad and angry. They can also experience a lack of confidence in general. The emotional impact is not limited to the man only. His partner can also find it difficult to cope with erectile dysfunction. Tips for Coping with ED The good thing is that erectile dysfunction can be treated completely with the help of ED drugs. Nonetheless, the psychological impact also needs to be addressed. The first step is […]

Is Generic Viagra Super Force Effective?

To some people, the mention of the word generic does not convey a picture of genuine and effective drugs. In reality actually, many many patients consume generic drugs, and still get better from their ailments. The difference does not necessarily lie in the ingredients, but in the brand name that originally introduced the drug. This is also the case when it comes to generic Viagra Super Force; the brand name is different from the other many names that identify the same product. You will thus see Viagra Super Force as a generic name to Viagra; the original Viagra that was […]

Misconceptions about Erection

Potency is a frequently discussed problem among men. Needless to say, if the problem is relevant, it always causes a lot of different misconceptions that can harm a person. So it is with potency. Today, Trust Pharmacy will dispel the most common myths and misconceptions about «male power».