Quality Payments

Urgent Message from NHS Digital –  Please read the following bulletin prior to applying for an NHS Mail account as of 1st December 2016


Pharmacy Access Scheme & Quality Payments

Please find further guidance here: quality-payment-grid-cph-version-1-updated-1-12-16

Summary Care Records & Quality Payments

NHS Digital have produced a one-pager with specific reference to SCR quality points.

Click the link below to view the details:

quality-points-1-pager-v0-6 pdf

Gateway Criteria: NHSmail address

Gateway Criteria pharmacy staff at the pharmacy must be able to send and receive NHS mail (Note : For the April 2017 Review, evidence of application for an NHSmail account by 1 February 2017 will be acceptable – see section 3.3.2)

Authoritative information about how to apply for NHSmail can be found on the NHSmail help pages.

Use this link to automatically open your email client with a pre-formmatted email.

Alternatively you can cut and paste this table into your favourite email client and email it to nhspharmacy.registartion@nhs.net.

Information Required
Trading Name of Pharmacy
Owner’s Name
Address (for the premises the NHSmail address will apply to)
Pharmacy ODS code
Pharmacy Telephone Number
Current Pharmacy Email Address

Once you have emailed the application, we recommend you print a copy of the sent mail and store it securely in you Quality Payments evidence folder.

Working for a large multiple group?

Someone is probably doing this for you, if you are unsure, ask your line manager.  If you’re still unsure, send the email, you will not be penalised if a second application is made.