Misconceptions about Erection

Potency is a frequently discussed problem among men. Needless to say, if the problem is relevant, it always causes a lot of different misconceptions that can harm a person. So it is with potency. Today, Trust Pharmacy will dispel the most common myths and misconceptions about «male power».Myths about Viagra

Myth №1

It is associated with belief that the more you have sex, the higher level of potency will be or male problems will not affect you. However, this opinion does not correspond to reality and it will be refuted by any urologist. Therefore, some people start their sex life at a fairly early age and start uncontrolled sexual behavior. And this, in turn, has an extremely painful effect on reproductive system. Trust Pharmacy experts recommend to have sex regularly, to improve health, but in no case lead such sexual life that causes decline in strength. It is necessary to develop your own rhythm of sexual life, which will not burden the body. If you take average statistics, for men aged 30 to 35 years, 3 sexual intercourses per week are required, aged 50 – 60 years require 2 intercourses a week, for a man older than 60 – even less. Canadian Pharmacy studies have been conducted that showed that men who rarely have sex have the same potency as men who have more intercourses. That is, each has its own level of «strength» and this question is relative.

Myth №2

Problems with potency appear in those people who drink and smoke – so sounds a second error. However, this is an absolute lie, and even the most trained athletes who do not smoke or drink, can fail in bed at the most inopportune moment. If you throw out these bad habits from your life, it’s not a fact that sexual disorders will not appear. The cause of impotence are fears, psychological stress, diseases of reproductive system. They also exert greater harm on potency than use of alcohol or smoking. In this case, you should undergo a course of treatment.

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Myth №3

The third myth about potency is related to the fact that men evaluate their «bed» possibilities according to size of penis, frequency of sexual intercourse and their duration. As a result, some have doubts about their confidence, that is, these men are not psychologically ready for sex. This is an imaginary problem with potency. In order to solve it you need to stop comparing your physical indicators with those of other persons. Potency does not depend on size of penis or speed of onset of erection, it is ability to satisfy a woman. In addition, large penis can cause discomfort, because, firstly, erection due to improper blood distribution will be incomplete, and secondly, large organ can lead to painful sensations in case of mismatch with size of female genital organs

Myth №4

It says that potency is depleted. Allegedly, a man can perform only 5400 ejaculations, that is, sperm reserve is limited. In fact, production of sperm is a constant process, which depends on presence in the body of male hormones. Calculating number of ejaculations does not make sense. So number of sexual intercourses will directly depend on strength and sexual desire.

Myth №5

Misconception is also that alcohol leads to increase in potency. It is believed that its use in small amounts relieves tension between a man and a woman. Alcohol really increases attraction, but at the same time it disrupts erection, which in future leads to problems with ejaculation. This is due to the fact that production of testosterone is inhibited by influence of alcohol. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink alcohol before sex.

Myth №6

You can also hear that decrease in potency occurs under the influence of masturbation. In fact, masturbation is a means of relieving tension, it is just as natural as sexuality. Masturbation in no way can lead to decrease in potency, on the contrary, it affects potency only from the positive side.

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Other Myths

Among men, there is still a large number of different myths and misconceptions about issues of sexual sphere. Their emergence is due to the fact that this sphere is very delicate, it excites everyone. But do not believe everything that is said, first of all you need to believe in yourself.

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