ACT (Advice, Contraception & Treatment) NEL

NEL ACT (Advice, Contraception & Treatment) Sexual Health Service


NEL Council

ACT service (Advice, Contraception and Treatment Service) North East Lincolnshire: Revised PGDs 1 December 2017

North East Lincolnshire Council offer contracts to North East Lincolnshire pharmacies for the Pharmacy ACT service for up to a maximum of 3 x 12 month periods i.e. a total contract period of 3 years, with a commencement date of 1st May 2016.  If your pharmacy would like to provide the ACT service please contact Angela Webster as follows:

The  EHC element of the ACT service delivered via North East Lincolnshire pharmacies includes the use of both Levonorgestrel and Ulipristal Acetate tablets. Revised PGDs became operational on 1st December 2017 and were developed in line with the latest FSRH (faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health) guidance from March 2017 (available to download via the following link).

Contract Extension 2018:

The current contract is due to expire on 30.4.18, North East Lincolnshire council are offering a one year extension to the contract with a revised end date of 30.4.19, for which you will received an extension letter shortly. Pharmacies wishing to provide the ACT service beyond 30.4.18, will need to sign the acceptance letter and return it to Jenny Stinson at NEL council (as stated in the contract variation  letter) by 31 March 2018. Pharmacies who fail to return their signed variation letter by the deadline date of 31 March 2018 will no longer be able to provide the ACT service after 30.4.18.

Service Specification & PGD:

To assist contractors & pharmacists to accommodate the changes to the service and ensure compliance to the new PGD’s and Service Specification, the revised Patient Group Directions and all updated supporting documents are available to download from the PharmOutcomes platform.

The service must be delivered by a pharmacist who has completed their CPPE Declaration of Competency self-assessment framework for Emergency contraception (  and must be recorded on the PharmOutcomes platform.


All claims to be submitted via the PharmOutcomes platform

Sites in NEL:

As of  17/04/18 the following pharmacies have a contract to provide the EHC service in NEL; however please telephone first to make sure an accredited pharmacist is available:
Asda Pharmacy (Branch: 4628 – Grimsby) – FXC13
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 0101 – Grimsby Friargate) – FD897
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 0124 – Cleethorpes St Peters Av) – FX882
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 0125 – Grimsby Freeman St) – FN494
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5903 – Grimsby Ch View HcAP0903) – FLV73
Cohens Chemists – FGC59
Cottingham (Waltham) Ltd – FM438
Cottingham Chemists – FC890
Day Lewis PLC (Branch: 331 – St Peters Ave) – FG710
Day Lewis PLC (Branch: 332 – Scartho) – FM096
Healing Pharmacy – FFK96
Humber Test Provider (Humber Test Provider)
Lincoln Co-Op Chemists Ltd (Wybers Wood) – FD190
Lincoln Co-operative Chemists Ltd (Cleethorpes) – FJX84
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 0103 – New Waltham) – FR221
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 0328 – Raj Med Centre) – FJ011
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 0364 – Grimsby) – FLL50
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 6290 – Immingham) – FJE54
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 6454 – Pelham Road) – FQK73
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 6932 – Fieldhouse Road) – FW062
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 7357 – Littlecoates Road) – FHE56
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 7366 – Laceby) – FD193
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 7505 – Stirling Pharmacy) – FM640
LloydsPharmacy in Sainsburys (Branch: 5101 – Grimsby) – FNR70
Periville Ltd (Cromwell Road) – FF575
Periville Ltd (The Willows) – FC797
Periville Ltd (Weelsby) – FYV42
Rowlands Pharmacy (Branch: 1432 – Cleethorpes (Branch 1432)) – FCE49
Sandringham Road Pharmacy Ltd – FQR49
Tesco Instore Pharmacy (2286 Cleethorpes) – FGC04
Tesco Instore Pharmacy (5169 Grimsby) – FGW79