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New Smartcard Management System – Care Identity Service (CIS)

The date for the changes to the system that is currently used to manage NHS smartcards has now been confirmed from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). Transition will commence on Thursday 19th February – Monday 23rd February, the new system will be live from Tuesday 24th February 2015

Currently most Pharmacy Sponsors use the RA0 forms to register users and request access to EPS systems, the new system Care Identity Services (CIS), will be replacing the 3 current systems that are used to manage smartcards (UIM, Calendra and CMS) it is hoped that this will be more accessible within pharmacy sites for sponsors to be able to submit requests electronically and manage smartcard unlocking.

A communication was sent out to all pharmacies requesting details of the users who will be Sponsor and Unlockers at the pharmacy, although a great majority of pharmacies did complete this piece of work there are still a small number of sites still to do so, could we request that it is actioned a.s.a.p.

Access to Guidance and Training

Training for CIS is available via e-learning and includes a section on RA Policies. Dependent on your RA role, ie RA ID checker, Sponsor or Unlocker will determine what modules you complete within the eLearning.

The following web address will take you to the CIS training site: –

In order to activate your e-learning account you will need to provide your surname and UUID which is the 12 digit number printed on the front of your Smartcard below your photograph.

As the e-learning is tailored to each role, you will need to confirm which role is most appropriate to the activities that you are expected to fulfil.

We would suggest completing this training a.s.a.p. so as to familiarise yourself with the new system. HSCIC have confirmed that there will also be ‘Quick Guides’ available which we will be available soon

Go Live Timeline

The timeline of the transition will be as follows unless we are advised otherwise by HSCIC:-

  • Thursday 19 February 18.00 the change freeze starts. All RA Spine applications will display a holding page.
  • Thursday 19 February 18.00 – Monday 23 February 18.00 transition activity. No RA activity will be possible between these times (RA activity is anything to do with manipulating smartcards ie unlocking, cancelling certificates, changing user profiles or issuing smartcards).
  • Monday 23 February 18.00 – the new CIS system will be available to use and RA activity will be possible again.

Note: Authentication will continue throughout transition apart from a minor interruption when the old service switches over to the new on Saturday 21 February at 7:30pm. We have been advised that users will lose their authentication to the spine which will last for no more than five minutes. In essence this will require all users to re-authenticate their smartcards should they lose connectivity.

Effect on smartcard users?

Smartcard users will see no change to their access immediately before, during or after the transition takes place; they will retain the same access as pre-transition and be able to authenticate into the systems they currently use.

Smartcard Certificates – action required now!

 Currently sponsors and unlockers are able to cancel and reissue certificates for users whose certificates have expired. This process will no longer be available once the transition has taken place. The renewal of certificates will only be available to RA Managers, RA Agents, RA ID Checkers.

All users will still get a 30 day warning message advising that their certificates are due to expire and if they choose to update them, the link will take them through to self-service section of CIS where they will be able to renew their own certificates (without the need, as currently, to go to a Sponsors PC which has been configured to use CMS).

Should the user decided to ignore these warnings then after 30 days their certificates will expire and they will have to visit a RA Agent or RA ID Checker to have them renewed.

In order to eliminate the above we recommend that smartcards are updated a.s.a.p. while the current CMS system is still. Could we request that you ask all staff within your remit to check if they are getting the notification now.

Note: 19 February – 24 February, during the transition period, there will be no self-service available or CIS service available to renew certificates, hence users need to be checking now when their certificates are due to expire.

Pharmacy CIS Transition 04 02 15

Smartcard Versions in Care Identity Service (CIS)

It has been identified that older versions of smartcards versions 01, 02, 03 need to be replaced when CIS goes live, older versions of smartcards cannot have the passwords unlocked or certificates updated using the new system.

To identify older smartcards please look at the back of the Smartcard, if the first two numbers as indicated below are 01, 02 or 03 the smartcard needs to replaced with a newer 06 version of smartcard.

There is no need to take any action if the first two numbers on the reverse of the smartcard are 04, 05 or 06

If the first 2 numbers are 01, 02, 03 the card needs to be replaced. If the numbers


 If any user has this older version of Smartcard (identified as 01, 02 or 03) please complete the RA03 request to cancel form electronically and return it to

For futher information (including how to find out which version of smartcard you currently have) and RA03 request to cancel form click here Pharmacy old version smartcards 04 02 15

 Application forms

To apply for a smartcard or make changes to your current smartcard please see the information below:

RA Sponsor Authorisation Form Pharmacies 11.06.14

Updating My Profile (All Users)

Search Directory (All Users)

Register New User (RAM,RAA,ID,)

Register New User (Sponsor)

Verify Users ID (RAM,RAA,ID)

Assign Access (Sponsor)

Unlocking (RA,ID,Sponsors,LSA)

Assisted Renewal (Sponsor,LSA)

Repair Smartcard (RAM,RAA,ID)

Manage Requests (RAM,RAA,ID,Sponsor)

For guidance on identification verification documents please see ID Verification Guidance

Contact Information

eMBED took over the RA responsibilities, when the Yorkshire and Humber CSU disbanded on 31st March 2016.

The new e-mail address to contact eMBED your local Registration Authority (RA) for Smart Cards is

For information on:

  • New cards
  • Sponsor enquiries
  • RA agents

Please contact:

Smartcard Services


Health House

Grange Park Lane



HU10 6DT

Tel: 08451 226 111





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