Bank Holiday Cover 2017 – 2020

Pharmacy Rota – Xmas 2018/New Year 2019

Please see below the draft report detailing the Pharmacy opening hours for Christmas & New Year 2018/19. A further updated report will be circulated 10/12/2018  in the event that NHS England are advised of any additional pharmacy opening hours

Xmas 2018 & New Year 2019 DRAFT 2

Please send any amendments to:  Please include your Contractor (ODS) Code within the subject of the email.

Letter Re Intention to open (Xmas & NY 2018 19)

Bank Holiday Form for completion (Xmas & NY 2018 19)-pdf version

Bank Holiday Form for completion (Xmas & NY 2018 19) – word version

If you are closed on the Bank Holiday dates,

you must notify your patients of the nearest pharmacies open to your pharmacy on the said Bank holiday dates by completing the below template and placing it in your window or a position where it can be viewed by the public.

Pharmacy Opening Notification Template

NHS England Directions to Open

For those pharmacies who have been directed to open, please use the new claim form on PharmOutcomes. Pharmacies will be accredited to use the form on PO prior to each bank holiday.

Paper claims will no longer be accepted                                                                                                   

Please click the following links to ensure you are opening as directed by NHS England for the bank holidays in 2018-2020: