Bank Holiday Cover 2017 – 2020

Please see latest rota from NHS England below:

BH Rota Christmas and New Year 17/18

Contractors – Please click the link above and check that the rota is correct for your pharmacy. Report any errors/ additional hours and also confirm if you are opening and not listed so the rota can be updated by emailing by 24th November 2017.

NHS England will publish first draft of hours to NHS 111, CCGs, LPC, Emergency Planning Team on 1st December 2017

NHS England will publish final version on 15th December 2017

Bank holiday request for Christmas and New Year 2017/17

For those pharmacies which are closed on the Bank Holiday dates, please would you notify your patients of the nearest pharmacies open to your pharmacy on the said Bank holiday dates by completing the attached template and placing it in your window or a position where it can be viewed by the public.

Pharmacy Opening Notification Template

For pharmacy rota and claims forms – including:

  • Bank holidays
  • Scheduled additional hours
  • Directed bank holidays
  • One-off directions

and notification of changes to supplementary hours please contact

Address: NHS England Yorkshire and Humber, Unit 3 Alpha Court, Monks Cross, York, YO32 9WN

For those pharmacies who have been directed to open, please use the following claim form and email to the address above: