(HLP)Healthy Living Pharmacy

Key requirements that must be met before becoming a HLP Level 1

The following requirements must be met before a pharmacy can be registered as a HLP Level 1, therefore contractors should ensure that they meet the requirements before they start working their way through the quality criteria:

  • the pharmacy has a consultation room which is compliant with the Advanced Services standards and is appropriate for the services on offer;
  • in the past year, the pharmacy has participated in the provision of both Medicines Use Reviews (MURs) and the New Medicine Service (NMS), and has proactively engaged in health promoting conversations;
  • in the past year, the pharmacy has participated in the provision of the NHS Community Pharmacy Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service or has actively referred patients to other NHS providers of vaccinations;
  • the pharmacy complies with the General Pharmaceutical Council’s Standards for Registered Premises and Standards of Conduct, Ethics and Performance http://www.pharmacyregulation.org/standards); and
  • the pharmacy complies with the NHS Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework requirements (psnc.org.uk/contract).

View and familiarise yourself with the HLP Level 1 – Checklist of the 27 Criterion and flow chart and start to gather evidence. The evidence Portfolio Workbook can be used to guide you through the HLP quality criteria and assist you with recording your evidence.



Please click on the links below for information and guidance on acheiving Healthy Living Pharmacy Level 1

HLP Briefing

PSNC Website Information



NHS directed National Public Health Campaigns 2018

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80.5% of pharmacies in Humber are now HLP’s  “WOW” 

Following the training below we now have a total of 160 pharmacies that self-declared as a Healthy Living Pharmacy in the Humber area which equates to a massive 80.5%

HULL – 56/71 = 78.8%
ER – 48/64 = 75%
NEL – 29/34 = 85.3%
NL – 32/36 = 88.9%

You have to agree these are great numbers – Well Done!

This is just the start – Keep up the hard work!!

To find a HLP in your area please click on the following link:

RSPH Register

 Search Community Pharmacy Humber HLP to join our HLP Facebook Group

Previous Training held:

Champion Training: 21st June 2017, 29th June 2017, 10th August 2017, 7th September 2017, 9th October 2017 & 26th October 2017
Leadership Training:
6th July 2017, 21st September 2017 & 16th October 2017