Gateway Criteria

To be eligible to collect the points necessary to claim a Quality Payment, the contractor must meet five gateway criteria:

  • provision of at least one specified Advanced Service;
  • have their NHS.UK entry, including Bank Holiday opening hours, up to date;
  • have the results of the last completed Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire publicly available on their NHS.UK page;
  • have the ability for staff to send and receive NHSmail from their shared premises NHSmail account, which must have at least two live linked accounts; and
  • demonstratable compliance of the pharmacy’s operating system and browser versions with NHS Digital’s Warranted Environment Specification requirements for connectivity to NHS Spine systems.

Contractors passing the gateway criteria will only receive a Quality Payment if they meet one or more of the quality criteria listed in the table under the ‘Quality criteria’ subheading below. Therefore, meeting the gateway criteria will not, in itself, attract a Quality Payment; it is subject to how many of the quality criteria the contractor meets.