NHS England issue the final version of the Christmas & New Year 2018/19 Bank holiday Report

NHS England issue the final version of the Christmas & New Year 2018/19 Bank holiday Report

December 20, 2018

Please click the link below to view the final report detailing the Pharmacy opening hours for Christmas & New Year 2018/19:

Xmas & New Year 201819 FINAL (3) AMENDED

Please Note: There have been several amended reports sent; therefore the LPC recommends that all pharmacies re-check their opening hours, please update your DoS & NHS UK profiles as necessary.

Please ensure that staff on duty have access to all IT systems and shared mailboxes necessary to deliver the appropriate services for example: ETP, PURMS, NUMSAS and any other services that you offer.

Please also share the applicable sections on your social media pages.

For those pharmacies who have been directed to open, please use the claim form on PharmOutcomes and only claim the directed 1 or 2 hour period agreed by NHS England even if you have chosen to open for hours in excess of the direction.

If you are closed on the Bank Holiday dates, you must notify your patients of the nearest pharmacies open to your pharmacy on the said Bank holiday dates by completing the below template and placing it in your window or a position where it can be viewed by the public.

Please also make sure that your opening hours are correct on NHS UK website (formerly NHS Choices).

Pharmacies will need to create a ‘Public holiday and other special day’ entry on their NHS website profile.

If the pharmacy doesn’t add bank holiday opening times, the NHS website will default to their normal opening hours. If you are advertising incorrect opening hours to patients and the public, you will be non-compliant with the Quality Points gateway criteria.

Contractors should not validate their opening times information if they have not entered the above bank holiday opening times information. Failure to do this will result in failing this gateway criterion unless their opening hours for the bank holidays are the same as their normal opening hours for those days.

Pharmacy Opening Notification Template

Visit our bank holiday opening hours page




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